Really Tasty Cakes

Delicious cakes to enjoy with family, celebrations, breakfasts or snacks..

Biscuit-based cakes with chocolate topping, different shapes, lots of flavors, unique quality and, most important, for every occasion.

The Original Cakes

USA-Style Cakes

Tender & Delicious Muffins

Treat yourself to any of our muffins is a pleasure that you cannot miss. Indescribable… check it!

Muffins with Chocolate Chunks and Double Chocolate Muffins.



Mini muffins

Promotions for every Occasion

It is always a good time to pamper yourself and why not, with a delicious cake that makes the perfect occasion?

Hearts for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day and decorated Xmas trees for the Christmas season.


Valentine’s Day

Fathers’ Day


Mothers’ Day



Special items designed for you…

What if in addition to a snack or a whim, we offer some practical tuppers to use at home? Do not miss these two-in-one so functional!

Measuring cups and Container Boxes in striking colors with Chocolate Chips Mini Muffins individually packed.